Meet the Maker: Charlotte Simone

17 Feb 2017

Charlotte Simone

It all started in Paris: a glamourous woman with a huge scarf wrapped around her caught Charlotte Beecham’s eye and an idea started. Could she reinvent the everyday scarf? Back in New York, Charlotte developed her first design: a huge, brightly coloured statement scarf called The Popsicle. The fashion world fell in love. Today, everyone from Alexa Chung to Olivia Palermo has been photographed with The Popsicle draped over them.

From creating a "must have" accessory, Charlotte's brand now known as Charlotte Simone, has branched into a wider range of fluffy statement pieces including bobble hats to trainers and coats. We managed to catch up with Charlotte, ahead of her second London Fashion Week show, to get her advice for other young brands looking for a similar success story.

What’s the vision for Charlotte Simone?

Charlotte Simone seeks to make the scarf more than just an item of practicality but a statement of style. Charlotte Simone is for the lady of all ages, a fun, fluffy statement to wear day to night.

How has the business grown over the last 6 years?

I started testing out my idea in the last year of college. I was developing samples in the Fashion District in New York and tentatively taking these samples around to store owners to see what they thought. By the time I graduated in the summer of 2012 I had already secured a few stockists and thought to myself – I want to give this a go! Since then I have been figuring it out as I go along…

What have been your Fashion Week highlights?

Last year we showcased at Scream Gallery in Soho, I created a pink mesh world made of polystyrene, wood and carpet! The music was DJ’d by my friend Daisy Lowe and we served sparkly pink cupcakes to the guests. This February will mark my second show season. I’m hoping I can take all I learnt last year with me and create an even better, bigger and badder space!

Charlotte Simone

You also collaborated with Adidas last year. What was that like?

The Adidas collaboration was for my LFW Debut last season. It was fun because they allowed me complete creative freedom. As a young brand, I am always looking for fun ways to be creative and collaborate. It’s so important to be inspired by all the amazing brands and products out there today.

Charlotte Simone has been widely covered in the press. What can a small brand do to make sure they get the attention of the press during Fashion Week?

I believe that hard work pays off. My advice is that if you believe in yourself and your idea then you should definitely go for it! Dedication and drive don’t go unrewarded.

Which shows / designers have you been most inspired by recently?

Sophia Webster, Mary Katrantzou, Supreme to name but a few. Their works are frequently littering my mood boards.

Everyone from Kendell Jenner to Rita Ora has been seen in Charlotte Simone, what advice would you give to a new brand looking to build their exposure this way?

Im lucky that my brand is such a big, bold pop of colour. When someone wears it they are noticed. My advice would be to get out and wear your product as much as possible. It’s important to be the voice of your brand, people respond positively to enthusiasm and new product when it feels personal and authentic!

Charlotte Simone

Which person would you most like to see wearing your designs?

Lena Dunham. I have a huge respect for her style, intellect and sisterhood. I’m desperate to see her in Charlotte Simone – hopefully one day.

What can we look forward to from Charlotte Simone in 2017?

New shapes, textures, colours and items! And hopefully, a lot more fun and fresh ideas.

Charlotte Simone