Three New Product Features

22 Sep 2014

We’re not in the business of renting space; we’re in the business of launching ideas.

This is what we fundamentally believe; it affects the way we view the world, launch new products and take Appear Here forward.

Today, the commercial property service is broken, because the focus is on just renting space. They talk about filling vacancies, getting better yields and improving their covenants. What they forget to focus on, is what actually empowers this all to happen – the idea. As a tenant, the experience sucks.

Appear Here set out to make renting a space as easy a hotel room. We did this because booking a hotel room online is simple, and renting a shop isn’t. We use that phrase often because it summaries quite a few complexities; commercial space isn’t accessible, rents aren’t flexible and the legal and payment process is ancient. All in all the experience is lengthy, drawn out and tedious.

Our focus is about automating this process and making it super simple, to give you fewer interruptions and leave you with time and energy to focus on making that great idea happen.

We want to create an amazing tenant experience with the type of service and care you’d expect from the best hotel. Booking your space should be a delight.

Today, I’m excited to announce three new product releases that help us get a step closer to our mission.

Ross Bailey, Founder, Appear Here



So what’s a concierge got to do with an online marketplace? Well, when we say we make booking a space as easy as booking a hotel room, we want to make sure our users have that '5 star hotel' experience too.

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Search 2.0


We’ve been listening to your feedback and have rebuilt our search from the ground up. Now with integrated destination content and a concierge on standby, our search feature makes it easier to find that perfect space than ever before.

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Pay As You Go

idea pitch

We want to make it easy for people to launch their ideas in great retail destinations. So we’ve made it possible to pay for space monthly, giving our users flexibility and more affordable access to prime retail destinations.

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