Pay As You Go

22 sept. 2014

idea pitch

We've already simplified the process of renting space by making it easy to pay and sign legals online.

Though we realised many brands were struggling to raise the funds to pay their rent upfront. So we decided to introduce, Pay As You Go. Brands booking with Appear Here can now pay for their space on a month by month basis - via direct debit or credit card. This gives you flexibility and more affordable access to amazing prime destinations, without breaking the bank.

It’s been amazing to see brands such as Churchill’s Port House make the most of this opportunity, and launch their idea (London’s first pop up Port House) in a previously unaffordable location. Only a couple of years ago, brands wanting to rent a physical space would be expected to sign a 5 year contract and pay a huge deposit upfront. Churchill's Port House appeared in Soho for 8 months but paid their rent on a month-by-month basis. The concept was so successful they’re now able to start looking to rent their own permanent space!

Churchill's Port House

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