Search 2.0

22 sept. 2014


We went back to the drawing board, and rebuilt search from scratch. Now, with integrated destination content, a new way to group spaces and a concierge on standby, our search feature makes it easier to find that perfect space.

For those who need help deciding where they want to appear, curated content on destinations is now integrated into the main search header. We believe finding the perfect space means you have to look at much more than four walls. Click through to discover the destination - what people love about it, who your neighbours will be and what makes it unique.

We’ve designed a new way for you to navigate space by grouping 'spaces' and 'places'. A ‘place' is a branded set of spaces in one location; be it a major shopping centre, historic market or iconic street. From Burlington Arcade to Boxpark - the World’s first pop up mall, we exclusively list more exciting places than anyone else.

Although, all this information can easily be found through search, sometimes you just need a little more guidance, which is why we have a Concierge ‘here to help’ button. Tell us your space requirements and details of your idea, and we'll pair you with the best concierge to help you find your ideal space.

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