The Good Idea Guide

23 Mar 2020

With over 5,000 ideas launched (and counting), we'd like to consider ourselves as experts on what a good idea looks like on Appear Here. Over 150,000 global brands and entrepreneurs are using Appear Here to launch their ideas, including the likes of Apple, Nike and Kanye West, which means there’s high demand for space. In order to secure your perfect space, you’ve got to get your pitch perfect, so you stand out from the crowd. Here’s our guide to creating the perfect idea on Appear Here.

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First things first, what’s an idea?

Ideas can be anything from a fresh pressed juice company to a plastic-free shop, a gluten-free bakery to a t-shirt label inspired by the Queen. Here’s what our leading industry experts have to say about great ideas.

What’s an idea profile?

Your idea profile is where we ask for your idea and what you plan to do with the space. This will be your pitch to the landlord to help them decide whether your idea is the right fit for their space, but it also helps your concierge find you the perfect space. There can be up to 50 other brands looking at the same space at any given time so make sure your idea profile stands out. The good thing is that you’ll only have to create your idea profile once, and you can attach as many spaces as you like to it.

Creating your idea profile

1. Sell your idea
When requesting a space, in order to get a quick response from the landlord, you’ll need to give as much information about your idea as possible. Tell us about your brand and what it does. What’s the story behind it and the overall company mission? Have you done any other stores, activations or events before? We recommend you keep the word count to around 150 characters. Remember, this will be used as part of your pitch to the landlord so make every word count. Get inspired by some of our favourite stories here.

Concierge tip: Tailor your idea profile to your industry type. If you’re selling food, include a branded sample menu and discuss what equipment you have or will need. If you’re a fashion brand, lookbooks and price points can help landlords decide.

If you’re holding an event, the landlord will want to know the timing of your event, music and catering plans, as well as the number of attendees for licensing reasons. It’s also useful to mention whether or not the event is in partnership with another brand. Check out our guides on how to apply for the licences you’ll need to make your event happen, including music, alcohol and the all-important Temporary Events Notice (TEN).


2. The visuals
The landlord needs to be able to quickly visualize your idea within the space, so show them your best angle. It’s really important to include links to your website, social media channels, mood boards and photos of your branding, products or previous activations if you have them. If you’re a brand new business, that’s absolutely fine. Attach a business plan or CV and any initial branding designs so that the landlords know you’re ready to launch your idea right away.



3. The look and feel
Describe in as much detail as possible what the finished space will look like and your requirements. Landlords will be curious about your fit out and the changes you plan on making to the space. This section is where you should specify what equipment you’ll need to bring, if you need to build any structures, paint walls or drill holes.


How do I edit an idea profile?

Remember, you can update your idea profile at any time.

  1. Login
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. Click edit idea

What’s next?

As soon as you save your idea, you’ll automatically be assigned a concierge who’ll get in touch. They’ll be there with you every step of the way.

All set?
Create your idea now.

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