The Self-Isolation Directory: a daily resource list.

19 Mar 2020

To cut through the noise, our editorial team have curated a list of places where you can get business support and information on funding and government initiatives.


This turbulent time has left a lot of people unsure about the current situation means for them and their business. To help you out, here are the need-to-know government measures.

U.K. Government Small Business Support
Straight from the horse’s mouth. To-the-minute official advice from the government for small businesses, freelancers and employees in the UK.

Guidance on store closures in the UK
A full list of businesses and venues ordered to close, and the exceptions.

U.S. Small Business Administration
A handy list of all resources and support available to businesses in the U.S.


For freelancers or small businesses feeling a little lost, here are some important resources and advice centers that will help you transition through challenging times.

Support for businesses from Enterprise Nation
This trusted community of business advisers have created an official page for advice and support for businesses in the UK. Facts only.

The UK Federation of Small Businesses.
The FSB have compiled all the relevant announcements and legislation that will impact you as an entrepreneur - all in one place.

Relief fund for artists
Springboard for The Arts has announced an emergency relief fund for artists who have had work cancelled over the coming weeks. U.S. artists, make sure you put in an application!

Emergency funding and artist resources
Another need-to-know resource for creatives in the U.S., see if you can get any compensation from all the emergency funds I Care If You Listen have brought together.

Gigs for creatives
Marguerite, the London-based network for women in the arts has launched a forum connecting freelancers to paid work. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Independent food and drink delivered
Are you an independent business delivering food in London? Get listed on the Dishpatch directory next to the likes of Natoora, General Store and The Ginger Pig.


For freelancers and small businesses alike, now is a great time to take a step back and think about your finances.

No-nonsense money advice from Sapling
On everything from loans to tax, Sapling is a treasure-trove of no-nonsense money advice for small businesses and freelancers.

The Nerdletter newsletter
From financial info community The Hell Yeah Group, comes The Nerdletter; a weekly roundup designed to help creatives and entrepreneurs better understand the world of finance.

A weekly dose of financial wisdom from Vestpod
Making finance relatable and cool, Emilie Bellet's mission is to change the conversation about money and empower women financially. Sign up to get her latest tips and advice.

Financial game planning
US bookkeeping service, Bench, has put together a comprehensive list of actions - from checking state-wide assistance programs to implementing an emergency budget - that will help you protect the future of your business.


It’s never been more crucial to think about the bigger picture. If you’re in the position to do so, lend your hand to those who may be struggling. We’ll only get through this together.

Free food photography and skill sessions
This is one for hospitality workers: pro food photographer Issy Crocker is offering her services to struggling businesses, free of charge.

Mentorship session from OKREAL
Aimed at supporting female entrepreneurs: the founder of mentorship community OKREAL has committed to a call to every person that completes her feedback survey.

Branding consultation with Alexandra Lunn
In need of a brand refresh? Independent branding and design studio Alexandra Lunn Studio is offering free initial consultations for brands looking to use self-isolation to start afresh.