The Five at Five: Lucy & Yak

19 Aug 2020

The Five at Five is a download of the best things to read, watch, shop, and get inspiration from – ready for the weekend. Each week, we’ll be bringing you selections from different tastemakers in our community, so you can delve into what’s keeping them entertained.

Lucy and YAke

This week’s curator is Chris Renwick, co-founder of Lucy & Yak, the independent fashion brand with community at its heart.

Watch: The Century of the Self by Adam Curtis. This pretty much rocked my world view and understanding of corporate control of the masses through marketing that originated way back to Sigmund Freud through his nephew Eddie Bernays. You don’t know marketing and how the western world works unless you have watched this.

Adam Curtis

Read: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I met Harari at a mediation centre in Hereford, he’s very unassuming for a man with the mind that wrote this book. It’s a tour de force on trying to explain the history of humanity. Harari’s ability to make you look at things in a different way is essential in learning how to question reality… Did wheat domestic us? What happens if we all agree money is worthless? And are revolutions a good idea?


Listen: Can’t Hurt Me by Dave Goggins. The audiobook has additional commentary from Goggins that really brings the book to life. If you think you’ve had a hard life, wait until you read this. Then listen to how he has turned it around. This man has mastered his mind, no question.

Dave Goggins

Shop: Patagonia. I read the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard’s book “Let my people go Surfing”. He’s the real deal when it comes to activism. Their stuff is incredible quality, I have a few Tees from them, one I think I’ve washed over a hundred times, it hasn’t faded or lost its shape at all, that’s how clothes should be made, how companies should act and how founders should build their companies.


Inspiration: Courtney Dauwalter. Dauwalter is one of the top ultramarathon runners in the world. Similar to Goggins, she has learnt to push through the pain. Listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast, as she tries to explain that pain just goes away if you ignore it… incredible. Also, Courtney’s modesty and lack of ego is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Next time you don’t feel like going for a run because it’s raining, stick this on your phone and get ready to grab your trainers.

Courtney Daulwalter