The Five at Five: Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah

16 juin 2022

From hidden-gems to places to people-watch, from bookshops to beauty spots – here is some inspiration, celebrating the independents in our local neighbourhoods around the world.

This week’s selection has been curated by Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, a multi-disciplinary artist, content creator and activist. Their work is always centred around uplifting and platforming the voices of historically marginalised communities, whether that is in their writing, styling and creative direction or in talks that they give to brands and businesses.

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah

At just 23, Darkwah became the Fashion Editor at Gay Times Magazine, and made a point to increase diversity and representation, while championing emerging home-grown talent. Darkwah now collaborates with brands to authentically connect them with marginalised communities, spreading messages of social justice and positive change.

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


“I love the Black Pig With White Pearls restaurant because not only is the food great, but I genuinely love the atmosphere. Owned by the loveliest couple, David and Melvin, the restaurant also has a downstairs space that I often like to have for myself and my friends. Vibes are immaculate, music is fab — food is gorge.”

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


“I moved to East London when I was 19, and like many who had only experienced it when they were VERY young, I found it fascinating. Dalston Superstore quickly became my home (because I worked there but also because I met all my friends there), so I’d sit in the windows and watch people go about their day. It’s a real melting pot, and seeing it live and in colour is wonderful. So much inspiration and energy.”

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


“I’m an X-Men comic collector, and so I just love going into the Book & Comic Exchange and finding old copies to complete my collection. There’s a great bookstore next door that’s part of the same ‘umbrella company’ that has great books on fashion too (which I love), but the comic exchange in Notting Hill has my heart.”

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


“I had the best treatments at The Fish Hotel in the Cotswolds, but not only that, I had those treatments with the loveliest people around. The scenery was gorgeous so after a lovely massage, an hour long walk of the surrounding grounds was just the cherry on the cake. You’ve reminded me, I need to go back soon.”

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


“I can’t pick, so I'm going to give you my favourite places…

“People will say that I’ve picked the most touristy area but tourists are drawn to the Art Centre in Accra, Ghana because actual artists are there. I love going there when I’m in Ghana — there’s something about actually being able to see people create beautiful garments and pieces of art in person that is just so energising. I love it.

“In London, I don’t shop so much as commission. There are so many incredible young designers here who aren’t about mass production and more about sustainability, and that just makes my heart sing. Viktoria Zuziak is my favourite designer to work with here and she’s quite literally created the looks of my dreams for me.

“I happened across this store the last time I was in Berlin, called HAHA YOU’RE UGLY. It’s some of the most gorgeous and intact vintage I’ve seen. The pieces they get in are honestly stunning and aren’t too mean on the wallet! I’d definitely recommend going there.”