Portfolio Management: Everything you need in one place

5 Jul 2016

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In the last month, we’ve listed more square footage of space than ever before, and a huge amount of this has come from those of you already using Appear Here.

To help manage your portfolio, we’ve created a centralised dashboard, so you can view all your spaces on one page. Here you can quickly add or edit space listings and automatically update each space’s availability online.

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To make sure you get the right demand, opt in for smart pricing. The smart pricing tool will automatically adapt your listing's price to changes in demand to make the most of every available day. If you turn on Smart Pricing, you instruct the tool to automatically adjust your daily prices within the minimum and maximum price range you have chosen. Adjustments are based on supply and demand in your area.

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We also know property companies are rarely one-man-bands. Organise the way your company uses Appear Here by assigning the right people to the right roles in the booking process. Get fewer emails flooding your inbox, as the tool automatically informs the right decision makers at every stage – ensuring no more angry emails from your legal or finance teams.

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In summary:

  • See your entire portfolio of spaces
  • Easily publish spaces, with the flick of a switch
  • Set prices based on demand, using our smart pricing tool
  • Add roles to make sure everyone in your organisation is informed aututomatically of a booking

Discover Portfolio Management on your Dashboard
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