Idea Profiles: Match with the best brands

5 Jul 2016

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More brands than ever before are using Appear Here – we now have over 10,000 years worth of ideas waiting to happen in London alone. However, that's not good news for landlords, who don't want to plough through multiple ideas in an already overcrowded inbox. We’ve created Idea Profiles that are not only beautiful to look at but can be viewed and accessed easily on mobile – allowing you to rent your space wherever you are.

Idea Profiles show everything about a brand's idea; from what they want to do in your space to how it will look. We've also added in information on the brand behind the idea and given you an overview of their social reach. This makes it easier to make better editorial decisions about who appears in your space, not just based on potential revenue but also based on audience.

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Trust is also something that we know you value, especially for new ideas. Which is why we’ve introduced an Appear Here rating. Ratings are based on brands' previous retail experience and how complete their idea request is. You can also see at the bottom a tip from our award-winning concierge team alongside information on the number of past stores they have launched.

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In summary:

  • Beautiful new idea profiles so you can accept ideas, anywhere
  • Brand Profiles to understand who is behind the idea
  • Social Reach
  • Trust and ideas history

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