Performance Data: Make better decisions

5 Jul 2016

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You’ll now be able to access real-time data on your spaces, so you can make decisions faster.

From your Dashboard, you can monitor your portfolio’s performance space by space. That includes online views, space requests, ideas matched and total revenue made, giving you real-time visibility across your portfolio. We’ll even show you the revenue you’ve missed out on, as well as easy-to-use, monthly financial summaries.

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This is just scratching the surface, over the coming months you'll be able to access more data on not just your portfolio and spaces, but the entire market - all from your performance tab - located in your new Landlord Dashboards.

In summary,

  • Visualise demand trends
  • Monitor progress of bookings
  • Track how you're viewed in the market with our reputation metrics
  • Access full rent-roll, leases and historical data across your entire portfolio

Discover Performance Data on your Dashboard
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