Jamie Laing Answers Your Questions.

18 Mar 2013

Appear Here were delighted to have Candy Kittens very own Jamie Laing take over our Twitter to answer the questions of our loyal followers. This gave Jamie the opportunity to share his pearls of pop up wisdom, and the chance for our twitter followers to ask their burning questions. Here are a select few questions answered by the man of the moment:

@RebeccaJane_xo – “What inspired you to create Candy Kittens?! :) x

JL “Hey @RebeccaJane_xo I love clothing and confectionery! - My two heros are Willy Wonka & Peter Pan, they are big inspirations for me”.

@tweet4PIXIE - “Where would you say are the best places in London to pop up?”

JL “I would highly recommend the Kings Road in Chelsea or Carnaby Street, Soho! Good luck with your #popup”.

@Magpiesandi – “The Magpies have a pop up for 2 weeks in May in Bristol for vintage and homemade goods. Any advertising tips?”

JL “Hey, to advertise your pop up shop, focus on making the interior as theatrical and fun as possible. Make it a pardy not just a shop!”.

@jessek43216 – “Would you ever consider setting up a permanent shop?”

JL “Of course, that has always been the dream and we're hoping it'll come true soon”.

@calvercheryl “Hi Jamie, who is your favourite cast member from #MIC?”

JL “Thanks for the tweet – It would have to be ma bois @oliverproudlock & @FrancisBoulle”.

@discobob - “What made Leeds a compelling location for your new pop up venture?”

JL “Having gone to University in Leeds, I already knew the city and we wanted to see the response the North of England has to Candy Kittens”.

@chozlovesjamie – “When are you back on our screens?”

JL “Hey, Made In Chelsea will be back on your screens April 2013! Can't wait for you to see what's in store this series!”.

@camille_free – “Where in the world would be your dream place to pop up?”

JL “We would love to pop up n Knightsbridge in London, or Times Square in New York. The moon, we would love to have the first pop up shop on the moon”.

@nicki_thompson1 – “Can u come back 2 Wolverhampton when I'm not at work missed u last time :( xx”

JL “Catch you next time@nicki_thompson1 We loved Wolverhampton”.

@alex_goddard91 – “Jamie, big debate here we could do with your view on. Would you prefer to fight 1 bear sized chicken or 10 chicken sized bears?”

JL “Great question! I would invite them all into a pop up zoo!”.

@Lydia_Todd2 - “What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?”

JL “Good Question! - The craziest thing i've ever done is streak naked across a rugby pitch when at Leeds University #cheeky”.

@boullesbeard – “What are your opinions on Boulle’s facial hair.”

JL “Ha! Great question guys! Boulle’s facial hair looks ridiculous”.

@Beccamaryarcher - “Jamie, what's you're favourite place in the world? X”

JL “It would have to be at a @CandyKittens_UK pop up shop!”.