Introducing Landlord Dashboards

5 juil. 2016

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Why a picture of Anna Wintour, you may ask?

At Appear Here we believe the best landlords need to think like the best editors, making sure they always have fresh content, feature the best ideas and that there is never a page (or in this case a space) left empty – no matter what exciting things are coming up in the future. Each issue, whether quarterly or monthly, matters. Although some adverts will stay constant, editors know they need new content to keep their audience engaged and to get people talking.

Why don’t more landlords act this way?

It’s easier said than done. Lease lengths have historically been long and the way we rent space is archaic. It's a long drawn out process with multiple intermediaries, which means that the structure doesn't make sense for this new flexible approach. Plus, the focus has been on secure covenants with little focus on the audience. Well times they are a changing...

And... what does this have to do with your new Landlord Dashboards?

Well, every month we host Underground Sessions - in London and Paris - for the brands, retailers and landlords that make up our community. This is where we get the opportunity to hear your feedback face-to-face.

You told us - that as landlords - you wanted to be able to accept ideas on the go, better understand what they're about upfront and have a way of trusting that they're credible. At this new speed, you found it could be a hassle communicating with other people in your organisation to get a deal done. Then, when multiple bookings complete, you needed to do simple things like manage them in a calendar and understand your portfolio's performance with real-time data. Finally, you needed this all to be done in one place.

Essentially we learnt... making booking a shop as easy as booking a hotel room is not as simple as it sounds.

Well, we’ve spent the last few months working on how to address these needs. Today, we’re delighted to announce the launch of three new features, built to make the way you rent your space easier, simpler and into the digital age.

Ross Bailey, CEO Appear Here

1. Idea Profiles: Match with the best brands

Idea Profiles

  • Product images, store data, social reach and brand information. All in one place
  • Appear Here ratings, ideas history and concierge reviews, so you know who to trust
  • Accept or decline ideas direct from your mobile, and finalise offers and payment

2. Portfolio Management: Everything you need in one place

Portfolio Management

  • Manage your portfolio of spaces in one place
  • Get real-time understanding of your availability and demand
  • Assign roles to the right members of your company and track your team's reputation

3. Performance Data: Better decisions driven by real-time data

Performance Analytics

  • Real-time market data available space by space, street by street and portfolio-wide
  • Month-on-month insights, so you can track market seasonality and occupation
  • Financial summaries for your entire portfolio

From today, all these features are available in your new Landlord Dashboards, take a look or sign up as a Landlord Partner here.

We’ll be introducing more landlord integrations and features very soon, so be sure to check back in with us. To learn about using your new Landlord Dashboards, check out our Support Center or reserve a private demo.

And finally, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback so far. We’re still listening: