An Afternoon with Mr Proudlock

8 Apr 2013

Appear Here were invited to spend an afternoon with Serge DeNimes’ founder Oliver Proudlock. We got talking about his brand Serge and had a sneak peek of his latest clothing collection. The designs that define Serge’s debut collections capture a unique moment in time. A photographic collaboration between Lena Proudlock and Douglas Villiers breathes life into the collection with images from Rio Carnival, 1978, which capture the spirit of Brazil’s world renowned celebration. Find out what Proudlock had to say about the inception of the brand, his inspirations, and the advantages of creating your own unique pop up shop.

Some of our favourite quotes

On creating a brand...

“Be surrounded by positive, creative individuals who can help you develop your idea”

On having a pop up shop...

"I think It’s really important when you’re creating a up a pop up, not only to sell a product, but to be selling a brand, and I think it's really important that you create a shop that reflects your brand.”

On inspiration...

“When I was 15, I was introduced to this artist called Robert Rauschenberg – He is an abstract expressionist artist”

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