An Afternoon with Mr Laing

11 Mar 2013

Jamie Laing invites us to Candy Kittens HQ, in the heart of Chelsea to spend an afternoon talking about how he started the brand, the inspiration behind it and what it was like setting up shop. Watch the video below to see what the modern Willy Wonka had to say.

Some of our favourite quotes

On creating a brand...

"You have to think what you love and whatever you love you should do."

On having a physical store...

"The exciting thing about launching a shop was that it became more of a reality. Everything was online, and I think when people see things online, it's not quite real. For me personally, having a physical presence makes it more meaningful"

On pop up shops...

"We had to create this adventure for people to come into. You can do anything with a pop up shop... it's the perfect thing to do because its not long lasting, it's little money and you can create magic..."

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