PERCH Interactive

9 mars 2013


At Appear Here, we were excited about finding the perfect location for PERCH Interactive – the start-up that is revolutionising the way we experience retail through the use of interactive technology that creates a unique visual spectre. This March, PERCH popped up at Sheridan & CO’s The Study on Blandford Street, idyllically situated just off of the Marylebone High Street. The modern, and luminous space provided the perfect platform for PERCH to showcase their displays to potential retailers, brands, art houses and digital agencies.


PERCH Interactive adheres to the principle that as humans, we learn best from first-hand experience. Jared Schiffman & Katherine Keane have taken this experiential component one step further by exploring the interplay between multisensory methods of audience engagement and traditional retail experience. Jared has seemingly created the ultimate form of versatile visual merchandising, perfectly tailored to the culture of the pop up and larger scale retailers. The technology provides an interactive digital display in the form of dynamic visual projections that are purpose built to seek maximum engagement between product and consumer. This additional experiential dimension is achieved by creating a tangible creative platform to facilitate audience engagement.


PERCH’s technology serves a dual functionality, as it provides comprehensive information about the product, as well as engaging the audience with impressive visual displays. The software has integrated sensory detectors that are receptive to customer touch-interaction, as well as an integrated analytic system that documents statistics on consumer interest and preference. Its software is unique in its capacity to create a blank canvas for retailers to project their personalised brand concept. PERCH developers work diligently with clients to create bespoke interactive displays with powerful results.

PERCH functions primarily by exciting our intrinsic childlike desire for interaction through tactility and a feeling of connectedness, customers are rewarded for their interaction via the reciprocity from visual projection; think interactive video imagery and sparkle sounds at the touch of a surface. We were particularly impressed by PERCH’s display for Kiehl’s which incorporates an interactive finger-following aeroplane that scans across a display-table map of the world before it reaches the requested destination related to the product.


The inception of PERCH materialised as a delightful, yet unforeseen fruition born out of previous technological endeavours by Jared. The company has already cultivated an impressive following for their current entrepreneurial endeavour. Alongside Katherine being selected to participate on the panel of Futuretail 2013, the duo have also presented at the world’s largest international trade show; The Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, and UK startup event; Decoded London. Appear Here salutes Jared and Kat’s contribution to redefining the future of our retail experience.

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