Masterclass: creating your photoshoots from home

Masterclass: creating your photoshoots from home

15 April 2020

Learn how to create your own self-isolation photo studio

This event has been and gone. See what went down...

Our online Masterclass series will feature practical tutorials from experts in the retail industry. First up, is a masterclass in creating photoshoots from home with Issy Croker.

Issy Croker is a lifestyle photographer specialising in food, portraits & travel. She shoots regularly for publications and publishers around the world, and is passionate about telling culinary stories through her photography. Issy co-owns Narroway Studio in East London with Anna Jones & Emily Ezekiel.

Topics covered:

• Camera basics (everything you need for shooting at home)

• How to shoot with natural light

• Creating small sets with minimal equipment

• A CaptureOne tutorial

Watch on @appearherehq IGTV


15 April 2020