Why the Marc Jacobs Pop Up wont appear again...

20 août 2014

To celebrate the launch of their new fragrance, Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs launched a pop up shop with a difference.

For 3 days, a ‘tweet-shop’ appeared on the cobbled streets of Covent Garden, exchanging tweets for Marc Jacobs’s goodies.
With the aim to boost their social media audience as well as give something back to their current followers, tweet dependant, you could swap a hashtag for anything from a manicure to a handbag.

Creating a calming atmosphere, the space had been adorned in the refreshing colours of the iconic Marc Jacob’s daisy - white, yellow and green.

Grass-like carpet, embellished with woodland tree trunk stools, a quaint, white swinging chair and delicate white and yellow flowers, decorated the floor space.

This fresh décor, accompanied with the fruity, floral scent of the Marc Jacob’s fragrances, instantly transported you to a serene meadow – the ideal surroundings to kick back, relax and compose a creative tweet.

On top of the rustic furnishings, they also kitted the retail space out with a nail bar, comfortable seating area, DJ booth, free wifi, café, merchandise as well as, props such as, personalised heart-shaped chalk boards, a photo and vine booth, oversized perfume bottles, daisies, branded macaroons and an idyllic pergola, to assist you in taking imaginative photos for your tweet.

The ‘tweet-shop’ was a huge success.

From using this quirky idea, Marc Jacobs boosted their brand’s social media interaction, promoted their new fragrance and created a buzz around their new and existing merchandise.

Having opened a ‘tweet-shop’ in New York earlier this year, this was not the first social media supported shop to be launched by Marc Jacobs however; it was the last in the UK…

According to Marketing Director Natalie Moon, “The beauty of something like this is the here and now. I don’t believe it is something we’ll do again [in the UK] because it loses something. It’s about finding the next new idea. We don’t want our audience to know what is coming next”

We don’t know about you, but the team at Appear Here are more than excited to see what what twist on a tech powered pop up shop Marc Jacobs will produce next time.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Chain

Written by Lydia Giles