Interview: Twenty Something London

10 août 2014

Pascale Barget, Co Founder, Twenty Something London - the online city guide to independent London - sat down to chat to us about her favourite spaces, places and London’s growing independent scene…

So how did the idea for Twenty Something London come about?

JM and I met when we graduated from university and we happened to have the same idea. We wanted to help independent businesses get the word out about all the amazing things they're doing. These days it's very hard to promote something unless you have the right journalist connections or money to hire PR companies who know them all. When you pluck up the courage to start your own business the main thing you're focusing on is making your product brilliant and often that takes up so much time the last thing you're thinking about it who do I tell about it. This is where TSL comes in.

Pascale Barget

What do you think sparked this desire in London to visit unique and independent events?

I think people are fed up of supporting large conglomerate businesses who give the same generic experience day in day out. It's not done with love, care and passion, it's just business. With independents, the faces behind these places have given up everything to do what they do, and you can see that in the experience they give you. It's unique, memorable and done with love. Even if it's not perfect every time, they're just human and doing their best and I'd rather work hard to support them then give my cash to corporate machines.

Netil House

What are your favourite events?

Gingerline events. Sofar Sounds events. Trips to the Midnight Apothecary bar at the Brunel Museum.

What are London's best event destinations?

I don't particularly have a favourite destination because all the events and their success depend on the people putting them not only the venue. Love Jamboree in Limehouse though, they do great live music and is a place that makes you feel you've been transported back in time to 1940s Paris.

Can you give us your top tips for someone wanting to get their event or idea listed on Twenty Something London?

Fill our the form via the 'submit event' button PROPERLY. You'd be surprised how many people do a copy paste job, put one line descriptions with really bad images. We want to hear about the amazing people putting it on and what inspired them too. We've got very little time so the better the event submission, the faster we click publish ;)