The Castello Cheese Emporium.

18 Sep 2014

After touring New York, The Hague and Copenhagen, Castello Cheese has appeared in Shoreditch. The pop up shop is finishing off it’s global tour by opening up its vertible cheese emporium in East London.

Castello Cheese

For seven weeks on Commercial Street, Castello Cheese will create an immersive 360° cheese experience. Over 30 variations of cheese will be on offer, alongside chutneys, wine, beer and cider. It’s also the first time all of Castello’s different variations of cheese will be gathered under one roof.

The store will include a fresh deli counter where you can pick up some of their delicious cheeses and create your own hampers. There’s also a ‘perfect pairing’ bar, which encourages you to expand your knowledge of cheese by introducing to you innovative combination of drinks and nibbles.


Another interesting marketing move by Castello cheese are the tasting sessions. Castello are using their pop up to introduce some of the brand’s high-end cheeses - not yet available in the UK - to a new market. These include Danish cheeses Unika (a favourite of Noma as well as other top restaurants), and Castello Höhlenkäse Classic, which is matured in underground limestone caves. Using the feedback from these tasting session Castello will be able to decide which cheeses to launch next.

Want to find out more? Pay a visit to 132 Commercial Street. Open Tuesdays to Fridays 12pm to 9pm.

Castello Cheese