Old Street's Health Kick

10 janv. 2016

Old Street Station

Running crews, yogis, egg white omelettes and Beyonce workouts – this month, Old Street station is all about fitness. January marks a new season of curation down in the station, as it is transformed into a health and wellbeing hub. Every week this month, new brands and experiences under the theme of health and wellbeing can be discovered inside the station. Think fitness classes, nutritional workshops, healthy eateries and nutritional snack stations – suddenly, the commute's not looking that bad.

Successful retail is all about creating great experiences, which is why this year we’re curating the retail in Old Street station around key themes and seasonal moments. This month, you can start your day with a healthy breakfast, pressed juice drink, yoga class, buy a new running top and create a nutritional snack box that’s delivered to your desk – all before you’ve left the station!

Over the coming year, Old Street Station will host a series of themed festivals, showcasing the best brands in sport, design, art, fashion, technology, film and music. Expect a roster of secret events, new retail concepts and a whole host of experiences you’d never expect to discover in an underground station. Here’s a little preview of what’s going on:

Frame Full shop

Leading the programme of events we have Frame who’ve decked out Old Street’s tunnels with some inspired fitspo messaging. Frame’s mission is to ensure keeping fit is never a chore. Launching in Unit 3 this week, they’ll be hosting a range of classes & events each day including Anti desk stretching classes, Mini Barre courses and their classic Beyonce workout.


In Unit 8 we have Tribe, the UK’s new running and adventure community, who deliver delicious performance snacks straight to your door. Drop into their store to design your own nutritional training pack or attend one of their many running events: Run Brunch with FRAME, Breakfast Yoga with Cali Yoga, Twig Teas and Cuckoo and strength training with Tally Rye.


Two Chicks has taken over Unit 2, championing egg-white based products. The founders, Anna Richey and Alla Ouvarova, decided to take the hassle out of separating eggs, by creating liquid egg white cartons for fat free, cholesterol free, low carb, low GI cooking. Head in-store to sample their delicious protein pancakes, porridge and egg white omelettes.

Two Chicks

Taking over from Tribe in Unit 8, Rebel Kitchen will be serving up dairy-free mylks, hosting breakfast clubs, ‘Keep It Real Talks’ and agony aunt drop in sessions to help with new year’s resolutions. They’ll be followed by Pollen & Grace, who deliver hand-prepared, heathy food delivered straight to your door. Inside the store, they’ll be hosting superfood breakfasts, alongside a wide array of events from morning yoga to super clubs. On the market stalls are a whole host of exciting new health food brands including Sweetly Simple, Mojo Juices, Bone & Broth and Cookoo.

Pollen and Grace

If you’re wanting to get involved, drop us a line: hello@appearhere.co.uk or browse our spaces

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