Meet the Maker: Les Deux Amies

1 mai 2015

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‘Les Deux Amies’ are a French double act who make French crepes and galettes from locally sourced British produce. Inspired by classic french recipes, Caroline and Adeline have given their crepes a modern twist for the Londoners. Last week, the girls returned to Old Street Station for the third time. We caught up with them to find out what Old Street’s appetite was like for crepes.

Where did the idea come from?

Both Caroline and I wanted to launch our own company and then Caroline thought it was a good idea to offer the staple of the French cuisine - crepes and galettes - to the London public. She travelled a lot and she was always missing it as she couldn’t find proper French crepes.

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What is the concept behind the name “Les Deux Amies”?

It’s the French translation for “The Two Friends”, that's what we are 2 friends knowing each other for a long time and sharing the same passion for food.

What is it about crepes that you love so much?

Everything. The best thing with crepes and galettes is that you can fill it with the toppings you like and create a new combination everyday. It's simple yet delicious, even after 6 months eating it almost every day we are still loving it.

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It’s your third time in Old Street. What keeps you coming back to this location?

It is a very good spot to meet our customers and have them try our recipes. It is very important for us to develop a good relationship with them. Plus it is really nice to see that people are glad we are back.

What did you do differently this time around?

We worked a lot on our visual communication this time, our stall is catchy, you can't miss it!

How are your aims for each pop-up different, if at all?

Our objective was always the same - to get more people excited about crepes!

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Any new recipes we should know about?

The menu will vary as we’ll have a “special of the week” and we launch our LDA’s Hot Dog, a galette with pork sausage, cheese, ketchup & mustard - perfect for the summer.

What is the most popular crepe on your menu?

For the savory (galette) The Frenchie (ham, cheese and egg) is a basic one and for the sweet (crepe) it is the nutella & banana of course! People are also very fond of our homemade salted butter caramel sauce so we made loads of jars.

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If you were to open a permanent store, where would it be and what would it look like?

Obviously the idea of opening a permanent shop came to our minds but we are making one step at a time, we will see what the future has for us.

What's your piece of advice for someone looking to launch a street food stall?

Be ready for a wonderful experience and never ever ever ever ever give up on your dreams!

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