Meet the Maker: ADYN

7 May 2015

ADYN pop up Appear Here

ADYN is a fashion-forward menswear brand launched in 2013 by Ash Robinson, Matthew Moore and Alpha Badio. Having built up a solid brand following online, ADYN have decided to test the waters offline and launch a pop-up store on D’Arblay Street in Soho. We caught up with them to find out a little bit more...

What’s was the inspiration behind ADYN?

ADYN is an abbreviation of the word ANDROGYNOUS. The literal definition of androgynous is 'being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior'. And this is exactly what the ADYN concept stands for. We are neither one or the other, we remain in the middle offering a unisex product. Sophisticated in its aesthetic and shape, it remains simple and finds its character from the wearer, the product is what you want it to be.

ADYN pop up

There's three of you behind the brand, what different skills / roles do you have?

We all come from three very different backgrounds including Fashion Design, Product design, Visual Art and Business/Management. I think this variety is the secret to our success, as it allows for very different points of view when designing and also allows our skills to shine both collectively and individually.

You are stocked in an impressive array of boutiques and department stores, how did you manage this?

This happened very organically. We began by building a very strong online presence and through our social media channels we were able to build a strong reputable brand name and a desirable product.

ADYN pop up Appear Here

Is this your first pop-up and what are you looking to achieve from it?

As our product is mainly sold online we wanted the opportunity for our customers to be able to come and see our product in person and to also hopefully capture a new customer who may not be familiar with the brand. It is essentially a marketing exercise for us.

ADYN pop up Appear Here

How have you designed the ADYN store?

With the styling of the shop we were just trying to create a military jungle feel to compliment our recent ‘Deploy’ capsule collection. The colour palette for this collection is neutral tones and the shoot was shot on sand dunes, so it was all in keeping with the whole theme. We decorated the space with green plants from local flower markets and military nets and equipment sourced from military suppliers around London. The signature bike outside the store was bought from a guy who refurbishes old military vehicles and customises them with vinyls.

ADYN pop up Appear Here

What was it about the D'Arblay street space that appealed to you?

We really wanted a Soho location. The central location and the surrounding brand adjacencies were very attractive to us.

What have been your biggest challenges so far and what have you learnt from them?

Our biggest challenge has been managing the growth of the business. We have grown much quicker than we originally anticipated and we are only a small team and just managing and organising this side of the operation has been the most challenging.

ADYN pop up Appear Here

What’s your piece of advice to aspiring fashion designers?

To work hard, stay focused, be authentic and stay true to your visions and goals.

ADYN pop-up in 3 D'Arblay Street is open till May 10. Find the right space for your idea with our Soho destination guide.

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