How to support your favourite independent stores during self-isolation.

17 Mar 2020

As a community, we’re all adjusting to a new way of life. During a time of uncertainty and self-isolation, this period will undoubtedly be the hardest many independent stores, cafes, restaurants and businesses have ever faced. With many struggling in the wake of the impact of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that we think altruistically and act as a collective; it’s never been more crucial to show your support. Here we’ve compiled a list of meaningful ways to support your favourite businesses from wherever you are in the world.

Invest in their future with a gift card or a pledge.

©LF Markey

Many businesses are taking measures to protect their future and the livelihoods of their staff. You can help by visiting the websites of your favourite brands to see if they’re selling gift cards or accepting future pledges; consider it an investment. After bookings fell by 40%, restaurant Tart London introduced a new ‘pledging’ system for customers planning to dine in the future. Similarly, beauty booking directory Beautystack has suggested clients book summer appointments, so their favourite workers can receive much-needed deposits in advance. Do check-in on your favourite brands to see if they’re offering any similar initiatives.

Leave a review.


Think back: when was the last time you showed your favourite brand some online appreciation? We speak from experience; there’s never a bad time to hear an important piece of feedback or a thoughtful review from a customer. For the founders and small teams behind your favourite brands, self-isolation will be the perfect opportunity for reflection on all aspects of their business. So, let them know that they’re doing great things as well as some suggestions for the future after the storm has passed. Whether it’s on Google, their website, or even TripAdvisor, it’ll be appreciated.

Engage with their socials.

Pop-up Grocer

Use your time in self-isolation to productively engage with brands where it matters, there has never been a better time to make use of social media. Make sure to like, comment and react to give them a boost. But why stop there? For these brands, a share on your stories or a shout-out on your feed could mean exposure to hundreds of new people (if not thousands).

Visit their stores online.

©Grain and Knot

One of the upsides of our digital age is that any brick-and-mortar store is likely to have an online site. Although you’re currently unable to visit any IRL store, you can still support your favourite businesses by paying them a visit online. No matter how big or small your order is, online purchases are what will keep brands afloat in this testing time

Offer your services.

©Issy Croker

And finally, whether you’re a photographer, copywriter or designer, try reaching out to a brand you’ve always wanted to work with. As many brands now move into a new remote model, they’re no doubt in need of amazing content and work over the coming weeks and months. Send off an email and make yourself known. See how food photographer, Issy Croker has offered her services to struggling restaurants.