Handy Apps for Pop Up Shops

24 Jul 2014

At Appear Here we often get people asking for tips and advice for planning and running their stores. We always point out that your smartphone is one of the important tools you can own when it comes to building and running your pop shop. There’s an abundance of apps out there, which offer the sneakiest of shortcuts when it comes to turning your idea into a reality.

Here’s some of our favourites:

Magpie By Conran:

“The Magpie acts just like any good magpie should; it collects the things that inspire you”

We see things that inspire our ideas in everyday life, with Magpie you can capture and store these moments in one handy place. This is an easy way to build up a collage of inspirations, which comes in handy when putting your ideas into action.


Magic Plan:

“Create floor plans, just by using your iPhone or iPad”

An easy way to map your space, no need to wait for floor plans, draw your own and edit your idea all in this easy to use app. You will be able to measure dimensions by simply taking pictures of your surroundings.


“Your device is a movable window you control.”

Sphere is photography app that helps you capture every angle of a space. Its able to offer a 360 degree image so you won’t forget the details of that space that you went to view.



“Accept credit card payments on the go.”

iZettle promises to make it super simple for anyone selling face-to-face to accept credit card payments and manage their business. Using a free app, a secure card reader and great analytics, iZettle helps you make and keep track of all your sales.


"A smartphone app, an order management interface and an admin module."

Zerved is great for pop ups worried about long queues. Zerved lets customers who do not wish to stand in line order directly from their phone and in their own time. This means you can maximises your turnover without stressing your customer.