Guest Post: Kate Watson, PERCH Interactive

13 Feb 2015

PERCH is a revolutionary interactive technology for retail that transforms the way people connect with the in-store experience. We caught up with their interactive producer, Kate Watson, to find out how PERCH technology is reshaping the future of retail...


Our goal is to create interactive solutions for retail spaces based on customer expectations, and to embed media in a store in a way it has never been done before. We believe that the customer of today is very media savvy, they live their life with rich content all the time. We’re interested to see how we can live up to the expectations of these people in terms of a media-rich experience and translate that directly into a shopping experience. We want to harness the customer’s attention regarding what they do in the store and how they shop and what the experience of shopping feels like.

The PERCH display is built around the physical products. When you pick up or touch a product in a store you’re getting a media-rich experience that is directly embedded underneath and all-round those products, it’s an immersive environment for these products to live in. It’s a great opportunity for brands and retailers to tell stories around their products, just as they would on the web or on an app or through social media. We want to take those tools and translate them right onto the product level in a store. Our philosophy is “content at the moment of contact” and we’re looking for opportunities to make that first contact as engaging as possible.


We see both big and small brands who are ready for new forms of digital storytelling putting an extra emphasis on interactive experiences in stores. We’re using our cloud-based analytics system to understand how customers are shopping and what media they are engaging with. The core focus of what we do is analysing the customer behaviour and how this drives sales.

One of our first projects was with online jewellery retailer (Baublebar) who launched a pop-up store and utilised the PERCH technology to get the analytics and learn how customers engage with media in a physical space. It’ll be interesting to see how analytics and data become more and more important for brands and retailers to understands shoppers. There’s a definite expectation that in the coming years media will be embedded everywhere and we’re looking forward to these exciting times!

Kate Watson, PERCH Interactive