How to create a PR campaign for your pop-up

8 May 2015

Booking your space and getting your shop fit sorted is only half the battle of launching a successful pop-up. Having a strategic PR campaign in place will be key to making your pop-up a success. We spoke to the experts in word-of-mouth, Cherish PR, to find out their top tips for launching an effective PR campaign for your pop-up.

How to promote your pop-up

Don’t forget the publicity.

You've worked hard to secure your premises and develop your attraction, but in the excitement, don’t forget to make sure everyone knows when and where. As a pop-up, you're only going to be around for a short time and therefore you want to create a buzz before you start. So take a leaf out of film or TV publicity and begin your PR way before your event takes place and keep it going.

Create a PR activity calendar.

You need to have a plan. Not in a Baldrick cunning plan type of way but a succinct timeline of the activity you want to undertake. We actually can’t stress this enough. By having a working calendar of all the publicity steps, media deadlines and jobs you need to check off you’ll never miss a trick – trust us.

PR your pop-up

Be targeted with your targeting

We'd never consider starting a project without taking the time to analyse exactly who it is we're looking to reach. Think about your end customer, consider the magazines and online publications they're likely to read or the influencers they’re going to listen to, and start with those. Don’t forget to include publications which regularly feature listings and things to do in your area and target them FIRST. Media like to be the first to know so it’s ESSENTIAL to contact them before you even think about anything else.

7 tips to create buzz around your pop-up

Get pitch perfect.

The media want to know WHY they should run the news about your pop up. What’s the story and what makes it different? Why is it unique and what sets it apart from the hundred other events going on in your area? What will the people visiting experience when they arrive at your pop up? Will you have any special deals/discounts/freebies? Make sure you include all your information in a short, punchy yet succinct pitch when contacting your target media.

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Regionals rule.

Don't underestimate the power of regional press. There's little point in putting out an announcement to a national magazine or newspaper if your pop up is in one location, because most of the country cannot get there. The local media can be hugely instrumental in driving interest and visitors if used correctly. We recently ran a Valentine's competition for a chain of local card stores. We targeted the top regional titles in each area and arranged for photographs, stories and interviews with store managers, all designed to drive footfall in-store. The local media delivered.

tips to PR your pop-up

Social media is priceless.

As a pop up, social media is your new best mate, but select the platforms you think will work best to illustrate your pop up's unique selling points and reach your target audience. For example, planning a fashion pop up in London targeting image conscious 20-30 year olds? Instagram has to be your social channel of choice. This age group love to discover the next 'big thing' via social media. Capture images of your pop up as it takes shape, take pictures of your brilliant colleagues and staff, post teaser pics of your products. Engage your target customer and make them feel a 'part' of the process from the very start.
Create a #Hashtag which followers can use to share your news. It will also help you to track the social media side of your campaign and analyse the success at the end of your project.

tips to promote your pop-up

Don't stop when you pop!

Your pop up is up and running, you're receiving lots of lovely visitors all of whom LOVE what you’re doing. SO DON'T STOP THERE. Continue to involve your audience, share all their positive images, tweets and messages. This is also a great time to secure some fantastic content to share afterwards so take lots of pictures and videos of your pop up in all its glory and share them on your own blog!

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