EINE STUDIOS - Reflections on a pop up.

8 janv. 2014

So it's been a hectic month since our pop up shop and we are still trying to reflect on the full scale of impact it had on us.

With a new brand, previously reliant on online sales we had never ventured into the retail sphere and were initially fairly wary about the expense and responsibility that a pop up entailed. Would people understand the brand, would anyone come, would it break even? All questions that ran through our minds, but after finding a location just off Monmouth Street we had an incredible, synchronised **** it moment and thought we'd bite the bullet and see what happened.

And what happened was intense. Being a perfectionist, the interior was designed by a set designer. Stunning, but time-consuming, a total of three days set up and take down! Then was the promotion. As the shop was a little off the beaten track people came, but not as quickly as expected. Gone were the visions of the wild rampage and queues around the door, to be replaced with twiddled thumbs and worried glances at the clock.

eine studios

But then it happened. We had a launch evening and the shop was full, people were trying on clothes and buying, and with that, coupled with some strategic social media, footfall from the shop partners Glassworks and local word of mouth really helped boost sales.

eine studios

It's now a month on and we have still been selling, as well as having interviews, increased interest from press and a clear plan for next steps in 2014, which include more pop ups.


Firstly, Never pigeon-hole your audience: For a predominantly womens wear focus, the majority of accessories sold to men!

Friends are friends for a reason. Whether it was the handy man, photographer or stylist, we realised that not only does our network "get us", but is also like minded, talented and eager to help. Lots of what was done couldn't have been done without the support of our network.

And finally, Just do it. Whether or not you make mass sales, the first retail experience is valuable for more reasons than expected. It helped to really focus on who the brand was, how people interacted with it, and what should be done to engage and excite them even more.

All in all, a mixed experience. Don't expect to open doors and for business to fall into your lap, however with hard work, good press, blog and social network coverage and the humility to pull on your network you'll be reaping the benefits long after the doors close!

eine studios

eine studios

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Written by Katherine Ferdinand, Marketer & Petra Metzger, Designer

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