Campus Party

17 Sep 2013

The biggest electronic entertainment event in the world or as Boris Johnson hailed it “Glastonbury for Geeks” - Campus Party popped up this year at the O2 Arena. Campus Party is a week long technology festival attracting 1000’s of hackers, developers, entrepreneurs, and technophiles. Equipped with little more than a laptop the “campuseros” arrive, set up camp, and get stuck in. Over 500 hours worth of talks, debates, workshops, and hackathons were put on during the week immersing the O2 in a buzz of innovation.


Appear Here was invited along on Wednesday for their session on Entrepreneurship and watched our very own Ross Bailey take to the Guttenberg stage to discuss “What Makes a Great UK Entrepreneur?”

The panel was a mix of young, upcoming entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans including:

Russell Buckley – UKTI Digital Tech Specialist, Eileen Burbidge – Partner, Passion Capital,
Chris Wade - Unit Director and Tech specialist, Simon Devonshire – Director, Wayra Europe, Damian Kimmelman – Founder and CEO, Duedil, Emily Brooke – Founder and CEO, Blaze, Hussein Kanji – Angel Investor, Hoxton Ventures, Matt Clifford, Founder and CEO, Entrepreneur First, Christopher Kahler – Co-Founder and CEO, Qriously

Here’s a selection of our favourite tips the Entrepreneurs had to offer:

Duedil “The most important skill a founder could ever have is being good at hiring"

Entrepreneur first “It’s the relentless people who succeed.”

Blaze “To be an entrepreneur you need to be completely unemployable.”

Ross Bailey “Make ideas happen. Then make them travel.”

Christopher Kahler “Don’t be afraid to start again.”

However, quote of the day went to Russell Buckley who boasted, “now I can honestly say that I've played the O2.”