The Appear Here Gift Card

21 Dec 2015

As you’ve probably gathered, we’re all about making ideas happen at Appear Here. Now, we’re giving you the opportunity to help someone make their idea happen.

Introducing, The Appear Here Gift Card...

Appear Here Gift Card

This year, give someone the gift of space. Appear Here Gift Cards can be used to gift anything from a market stall to a high street store, to a space within Topshop or even a Roman amphitheatre! In an age where no business owner is too young or too old and where no dream is too big or too small, we want to make it easy to turn an idea into a reality.

It's perfect for friends who talk of quitting jobs and starting artisan patisseries, for those with online brands in need of a little boost, or even someone with an undiscovered talent but nowhere to show it. Whether they’re dreaming of a career change or just want to create a one off experience, this card could be the nudge they need to make it happen.

Ella Jones
Ella Jones, founder of Rug Trade, outside her Redchurch Street Shop. £2500 for 2 weeks.

Gift cards are available for £150, £250 or £2500:

£150 covers anything from a week in a shop share to couple of days on a market stall. It's the perfect choice for someone taking their first steps in retail.

£250 covers a week on a market stall or could make a contribution towards a high street store. This is great for those who already have a business and are looking to make their idea travel.

£2500 covers anything from a couple of days in a luxury location to a couple of weeks in a London high street store. This is the ultimate gift experience and the chance to bring someone's idea truly to life.

Press London
Ed Foy, co-founder of Press London, at his Old Street Market Stall. £250 for 2 days.

We love seeing ideas that start in our spaces grow into something pretty special. One of our favourites is Press London. Last year, Ed Foy and his co-founder, Georgie Reames launched Press London by selling homemade juice from a bathtub in Old Street Station. A year later, they had raised the funds to launch 3 Press London juice bars across London and there are several more to come! With an Appear Here Gift Card, you can help make that happen for someone you believe in.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the amount you want to gift and have the card delivered straight to their door.
  2. The lucky recipient searches Appear Here for their perfect space and requests it online.
  3. Once a landlord approves their request, the gift card can be redeemed. All that’s left is to set up shop and launch!

Gift Card

Visit to help make someone’s idea a reality.