Space for Ideas: Serena Guen, Suitcase Magazine

12 Jun 2015

Named the 'Mark Zuckerberg of publishing' by Bloomberg, multi-national Serena founded Suitcase Magazine remotely while in her third year at New York University. She was recently named one of 25 under 25 most influential Londoners by the Evening Standard and is often called upon for her expertise in travel by outlets such as CNBC. Recently Serena starred in our brand video 'Space for Ideas', where we tell the story of three entrepreneurs on the way to making their ideas happen. We interviewed Serena to learn why she decided to start her own business and what inspires her.

Suitcase Magazine Serena

What was the moment you decided to commit to making Suitcase Magazine happen?
When I knew that I personally couldn't live another day without the product, i.e. a travel magazine with guides that you could actually trust!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Watching people from all over the world get excited about using SUITCASE as a platform to showcase places close to their heart via varied and often very skilled methods.

What is the most useful lesson you've learned so far?
The person who is probably putting the most pressure on yourself is you. Remember to take it easy on yourself sometimes!

How valuable is a physical retail presence for your brand?
It doesn't always have to be retail – it can also be an event space – but having a physical presence is very important because it allows our readers to connect to the brand in a different way and also to build new readers!

What are the hallmarks of a great retail experience?
That you never want to leave and can't wait to come back.

What are your favourite shops and why?
Maggie Frances' shop in NYC because it feels like the living room I wish I had and The Shop at Bluebird because it consistently has the best producs and is always changing so I can keep going back.

One piece of advice to someone looking to launch their own company?
Question everything.

Suitcase Magazine Serena

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