Shop of the Week: Wåven

6 juin 2015

Launched in 2014, denim brand Wåven quickly built a loyal following for their ability to blend Scandinavian designs with contemporary fashion styles at affordable prices. Although, their focus has previously been on online and wholesale, last week Wåven launched a pop-up in d’Arblay Street, offering their customers not only a chance to meet them face to face but also to customise their jeans. We caught up with the team to find out more about the brand and their transition from online to offline.

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So what does Wåven stand for?

Wåven, pronounced woven, in its simplest form relates to the weave of the denim. It’s also a metaphor for the way we weave our integral but subtle brand identity into every garment we design and produce. We felt there was a gap in the market for reasonably priced denim that offered the same clean aesthetic and quality that premium denim brands do. We wanted to concentrate on clean lines and simple silhouettes that worked as building blocks in anyones wardrobe.

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What sets you apart from other denim brands?

We draw inspiration from design, art and culture as well as high fashion silhouettes and trends in order to create perfected fits and finishes. Not many brands are able to offer this on an affordable level.

Wåven is distributed through big retailers such as Urban Outfitters and other online stores, why do you think it’s important for Wåven to have its own offline presence?

It’s been a great way to introduce the brand to new customers and cement our presence on the high street. We’ve also been able to offer a Wåven Denim Customisation service to our customers a which has been hugely successful. It a personalised service that bigger retailers perhaps wouldn’t be able to offer. That’s the beauty of hosting our own pop-up, we’ve been able to offer our customer the full Wåven experience and how we feel denim should be enjoyed at any price point.

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What attracted you to launch a shop in Soho?

It’s a vibrant area with a host of interesting stores, restaurants and bars. It’s very central but still feels quite intimate.

What do you aim to achieve from it?

To see people getting into the customisation service and really making the product their own. There’s everything from applique lettering to custom japanese cotton patches as well as a rip and repair service. There is something for everyone and can be sewn while you wait!

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Can you talk us through the design process behind it?

It's always key to introduce customers to your brand DNA from the moment that they step through the door, so use of colour, textures and wording give them the perfect insight from the get go. Fixtures and fittings are designed for ease of use, whilst also creating a warm and engaging setting that they feel comfortable shopping from.

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Which retail stores did you look at for inspiration?

Rather than other retail spaces, we've looked at artistic installations or set builds that create interesting shapes and offer a curated viewpoint which we then mood-board from. There are of course stores such as Dover Street Market, and Liberty who set a great tone in retailing, along with Selfridges who always wow with the displays both inside and outside the store.

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Where do you want to be in the next five years?

In the next five years, we'd like to be the go-to denim brand for one's every day-to-day needs. We aim to grow and strengthen our business with UK and international retailers.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

What's meant for you won't pass you by!

Discover Wåven pop-up in 3 D'Arlblay Street, W1F 8DL till June 10.

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