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The vibrant Dutch city where old meets new at every turn.

Ever-changing yet somehow still steeped in history, Amsterdam is a city like no other. Since its heyday in the Dutch Golden Age, the city has been a dynamic centre of commerce, and today is no different. With the recent influx of big-name headquarters in tech and retail from Netflix to Nike and everything in between, the city is alive with fresh, young talent and bright, new perspectives. Thankfully, though, it’s never lost sight of its past nor lost any of its charm.

Despite its practically postage stamp size, the city’s possibilities seem endless, with a neighbourhood to suit all tastes. Fashionable city slickers will revel in the luxurious shops and wide shaded streets of Oud Zuid, while street smart Gen-Zers will be drawn to the cross-hatched lanes of The Nine Streets or the hustle of Centrum. Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to find it in Amsterdam.

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