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The city’s not-so-hidden gem sparkles with possibility at every turn.

Dating all the way back to the seventeenth century, the Jordaan is probably one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful, charming neighbourhoods. To really get a sense of the area, you simply must spend an hour (or five) zig-zagging your way across the grachten, getting wonderfully, blissfully lost right alongside the Dutchest of the Dutch.

Monumental churches and open air markets reign supreme in the Jordaan, while elegant powder-haired women and subtly chic expats rub elbows at the neighbourhood brown cafés as often as thumbing through carefully curated racks of clothing at any number of stylish shops. Despite playing host to some of the city’s most visited historical sites, you’ll rarely notice more than a trickle of map-wielding tourists anywhere but outside the Anne Frank House. And thank goodness for that, as it keeps the Jordaan the picture-perfect pearl that it is.

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The People

Word on the street

Jordaan feels like a small village within Amsterdam. It's very much alive during the day with good vibes.
Dionne, B&B owner
The small boutique shopping in Jordaan means it has a more personal feel about it.
Darnell, Photographer
Local reccomendations? I get my coffee at Brunos, haircuts at Daniel's and love the meatballs at Jwo.
Rianne, Founder of Rianne S

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