Underground Session: The Future is Fluid

3 Jul 2019

We’re in a time of social and political change and brands can’t keep on doing the same thing if times are changing
- Serena Rees, Les Girls Les Boys

At June's Underground Session, in partnership with iZettle, our panel discussed how brands are responding to the social climate to ensure inclusivity and representation within retail.

The Speakers:

Char Ellesse, Founder & Director, Girls Will Be Boys

Serena Rees, Founder, Les Girls Les Boys

Marco Vianello, Head of Sales, Tomorrow Ltd

Kati Chitrakorn, Fashion Journalist

Key Takeaways

Consumers are smart and they see the difference when a brand is trying to support a movement and when they are trying to co-opt it
- Kati Chitrakorn, Fashion Journalist

A lot of people are taking the piss out of marginalised people and people who are going through real things. They’re jumping on the bandwagon and trying to make money
-Char Ellesse, Girls Will Be Boys

People don’t want to be classified in boxes and that’s why brands now have their own voices to express themselves in a better time with better reactions from consumers
- Marco Vianello, Tomorrow

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