Underground Sessions: New Rules of Retail

5 Jun 2019

At this Underground Session we were joined by speakers from Refinery29, Selfridges and Axel Arigato, who discussed how to navigate the new rules of retail, and how to keep your audience entertained in a world where they’re bombarded by more content than ever before. Here were some of our favourite takeaways from the night, alongside the live recording of the event.

“Be focused, have a clear message and concept, never dilute it”
- Michael Brown, Axel Arigato

“The pace you need to move at today for brands is exhausting. That’s the biggest challenge now for many retailers.”
- Laura Harnett, Selfridges

“Experimental creativity is important. Immerse your customers in a new feeling or sensation. Make it instagrammable in the sense that they want to be there and share it. Art and creativity are key.”
- Kirsty Hathaway, Refinery29


Michael Brown, Worldwide Wholesale Director Axel Arigato

Kirsty Hathaway, Creative Director Refinery29

Laura Harnett, Director of Digital Products Selfridges