Topshop: The Launch

5 oct. 2015

Appear Here recently joined forces with the world famous Topshop / Topman, allowing concession space to be booked in their flagship store, 214 Oxford Circus, for the first time. This store is a second home to the 400,000 fashion lovers who shop there every week. From ground floor market stalls to experiential space in the atrium, there are a range of spaces availble in different shapes and sizes to suit every idea and every budget. We want to see brands both big and small, take this opportunity to share a moment and showcase their ideas in one of the world's leading fashion stores. Today, the first collection of brands are launching in Topshop. Take a look at what they've got in store...

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Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang takes the word ‘sustainable’ to a whole new level with their contemporary knitted fashion range. With each garment hand crafted by expert knitters, every item is produced using sustainable methods and materials such as wool and repurposed fashion waste. It was founded by textile design students Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood after they met at Central Saint Martin’s University, London. Their brand not only offers amazing products that range from hats, scarves, dresses and shorts, but also offers you the resources to knit the products yourself with the added benefits of knitting which includes relief from stress and anxiety. Wool and the Gang told us, "as a predominantly e-commerce brand, we at Wool and the Gang absolutely relish a traditional retail opportunity to get our products into the hands of our customers and to showcase the brand in a new arena, and so we couldn't be more excited to hold our pop-up at London's iconic Topshop store on Oxford Street."

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You’ll find Wool and the Gang on the lower basement level near Topshop’s popular shoe section.


ADAY is the brand for smart, busy women who still want to look great. Using technologically advanced fibres manufactured in the UK, USA and Portugal, their clothing is ‘ready to move’ making them a great addition to any female wardrobe. ADAY prides itself in never compromising on function, creating a range of sportswear and casualwear that combines both style and substance. Their collection ranges from flattering leggings to relaxed tanks, smart shorts to supportive sports bras. For ADAY, this is their first physical space, which will allow customers to touch and see their health focussed, urban womenswear. ADAY told us, "As a young e-commerce brand, running an offline pop up presence in one of the world's leading fashion stores is a huge opportunity. Not only are there hundreds of thousands of potential customers who visit Topshop every week, but this also gives us the opportunity to build a new experience for our community — to touch, feel and try-on our products, which are usually online only."

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Their store will be situated right by the main entrance on the ground floor of Topshop.


The success of SUITCASE Magazine is owed, in part, to its unique approach to the traditional travel publication. This multi-media platform, founded by travel fanatic, Serena Guen when she was in her third year at New York University, offers an immersive experience in the world of travel. This quarterly magazine is the place to discover top trends in fashion, music, food and travel. Although SUITCASE Magazine already attracts fashion forward customers, they wanted to get more people looking at their magazine, especially Topshop’s demographic. SUITCASE told us, "SUITCASE is not just a magazine, but a travel brand and pop-up shops have always played a part in helping us achieve this. Appear Here's marketplace is a great resource for finding exciting new spaces to launch in and when we heard that Topshop was listed we leapt at the opportunity to create a SUITCASE branded experience within this influential fashion store"

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You’ll find Suitcase Magazine located on the lower basement level in Topshop.

Doisy & Dam

Who says that chocolate can’t be healthy? Certainly not Doisy & Dam, who are bringing their tasty range of chocolate bars to Topsho. Each flavour has the added goodness of their amalgamation of superfood ingredients such as hemp seed and Spirulina, leaving out all the unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients that most chocolate bars contain. The likes of Elle magazine, Grazia and Cosmopolitan have all written and raved about Doisy and Dam, whose flavours range from goji and orange to date and himalayan pink salt. Now you can enjoy a delicious treat without the guilt. Richard Wilkinson, Co-Founder of Doisy & Dam told us, “Appear Here has brought to us a brilliant marketing opportunity to be in one of the busiest stores in the world, and to get our delectable new range of superfood chocolate in front of a key demographic for us. It’s been brilliant to get in front of Topshop’s Marketing team and it's a atypical retail opportunity for a startup brand like ourselves; it’s also an excellent fit for us as our newest line has a visual punch that’s perfect for a fashion audience"

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Doisy and Dam will be selling their healthy chocolate bars on a ground floor of Topshop.

Watch this space for more details on what brands will be launching in Topman in two weeks.

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