Underground Fashion in an Abandoned Loo

2 May 2016


For the first time in 70 years, a disused loo in Old Street station is open again to the public. This time it's housing something slightly more appealing: a unique collaboration from contemporary menswear collectives, EJDER and 24 HOUR CLUB.


EJDER first worked with Appear Here two years ago, booking a pop-up space for London Collections: Men. The store was a landmark event for EJDER, with hundreds of people queuing to get in. Since then, pop-ups have played a big part in EJDER’s growth, but Simon Suphandagli, the brand’s founder, realised they needed to move on to something bigger.

“Our community keeps asking us to launch a permanent shop. It was only when we saw this space that we knew it was time. Both historically and visually, this space is the perfect fit: an underground location for an underground brand,” he says.

Full Shop

Simon partnered with 24 HOUR CLUB who share the same ethos and style. They’ll be using the space to showcase their latest collections and to create a physical meeting place for their global communities. Brands featured inside include 424 Fairfax, 3.Paradis, Agi & Sam, HUMAN MADE, Medicom Toy, KTZ, NID de GUÊPES STUDIO, Midnight Studios and more.

Inside Store

Working with the original layout, the store is divided in two: 24 HOUR CLUB runs down one side, and EJDER the other. “When you’ve got a space as distinctive as this, you need to make the most of its original features and history,” Simon adds. “We’ve played up to the raw, industrial feel by keeping the original tiling and using metal bars and chains to display the clothing.”

Shop Rails

Simon wants the store to be a collaborative space for other creatives. At the entrance, they’ve kept a wall for up-and-coming artists to display their work. Every 6 weeks, a new artist will create an installation there. EJDER will also hosts album launches and live music performances in the space.

Artist Rails

For Simon, the highlight has been getting a visit from the Reebok design team who came in from Boston after seeing an article about the store. He adds, “I’m amazed by the feedback. Everyone’s really connected with the space. I feel like we’ve been able to create something special here.”






Discover the space where EJDER made his idea happen here.