The Tanqueray Gin Palace

11 Apr 2013

Appear Here are proud to present: Tanqueray’s Gin Palace!

Steeped in cultural history, the Gin Palace has witnessed a resurgence of interest in recent years; Providing Tanqueray with the perfect palatial pop up opportunity to explore the mystique of this alluring tradition in the beverage industry. The Appear Here team were delighted to see just how Tanqueray had transformed the blank canvas into an opulent spectre and glamorous launch event, attended by industry specialists and some famous faces.

We took pride in renowned bastions of the Gin world, Diageo's Tanqueray booking a space with Appear Here for their palace to appear. Traditionally, these exclusive Gin Palaces were positioned in Bloomsbury and Covent Garden and illuminated by gas lamps, so in the spirit of things, Diageo booked our space at 13 Floral Street, Covent Garden. The Tanqueray Gin Palace was a huge success, and certainly lived up to its palatial predecessors.

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