The Science Museum Pops Up

31 Oct 2014

science museum

We’re excited to announce the Science Museum is moving beyond its walls and launching its first ever pop up shop with us, in the Bluewater Shopping Centre.

The store is targeted at delighting children and their parents which falls into part of the Science Museums ‘positive parenting’ campaign. They want to be more than just a toy store, they want to create a space which will inspire parents and children alike. This experimental science store will be here for the month in the lead up to Christmas.

The pop up will host a wide range of visually boggling, interactive activity. Including test driving Anki Drive robot cars, live science experiments and a whole host of remote control gadgets. Entering the space children and parents will be delighted by a visual explosion of ideas.

Interestingly, the physical store is also aimed at driving awareness to the Science Museum online. Large screens inside the store will showcase content on the Science Museum Website. They will also have staff inside the store handing out flyers and explaining what resources can also be found online.

Although the Science museum hadn’t originally envisioned themselves appearing in a shopping centre, the volume of footfall and demographic persuaded them Bluewater would be a perfect location to launch in. The commercial director Sam Mason commented, the Science Museum chose Bluewater to appear in as it is “hugely popular with families, innovative and committed to delivering an engaging experience.”


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