The L'Estrange Pop Up

7 Aug 2013

Will and Tom, founders of L’estrange, shared an ambition to create a comfortable yet formal piece of outwear. The result was something David Cameron could only dream of - they smartened up the hoodie!


From breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, emblazoned in stripes or hazy prints, their hoodie will clothe you all day assuring you’re never over or under dressed. Each aspect of the hoodie has been thought out, designed and explained on their website. It’s tailoring came from the help of carvers at Tom Ford. The overall result proves you don’t need to compromise to have ‘the best of both worlds.’


With this in mind Appear Here was more than excited see them pop up at 17 Floral Street, Covent Garden. We were greeted by a street buzzing with energy, booming with music and buried in a crowd of slick looking people! The intricate design process that had gone into the hoodies was evident throughout the store. From the L’estrange story printed across the windows, vintage props decorating the shelves, to the hoodies themselves proudly hung like pictures.


The ultimate testimony to the success of the pop up is that in 30 degrees of stiflingly heat – hoodies were flying off the shelves!

outside floral street

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