Space for Ideas: Meet the Winners

12 Mar 2019

Our Space for Ideas competition launched with a mission to uncover the next big ideas in retail and inspire thousands more to make their ideas happen. Since entries opened, we've had an incredible response with over 3000 ideas submitted from leading designers, emerging chefs, makers, creatives and entrepreneurs: from ex-CFDA winners to first-timers.

For us, this is about two types of winners

1) Those with ambition and the potential to build the next brand we will all love.

2) Those who inspire hope. We’re looking for those with the potential to inspire others to pursue their own dreams.

A big thank you to the many thousands that applied, proving there’s a really exciting future for our cities and streets. And to our partners iZettle and Horizn Studios for supporting our idea, alongside our Space for Ideas judges for finding our winners. Here’s who they’ve chosen...

The New York Shortlist


Easy, superfood-boosted essentials for inner and outer radiance. Founded by Trinity Mouzon who is on a mission to democratize wellness.


“Championing diversity in wellness, Trinity is a refreshing spokesperson for the industry. We think her branding is strong with lovely colour schemes and great ingredients.”


A New York-based menswear brand, asking for customers to purchase with purpose.


“He is 23 and he bought a factory to gain control over the supply chain. He has built a brand and put a skate park in his own office. We are obsessed with this entrepreneur’s story!”

Package Free

A zero waste store, accessible to everyone.


“We love this store’s aim to educate and inform as many people as possible and create lasting positive environmental change!”


Vintage-inspired silkwear for women.


“A real eye for current trends, which you can see in their prints. Very fitting with New York’s love for all things 70's. They’ve got a strong following in the UK and are in a perfect position to expand stateside.”

Paloma Wool

A multidisciplinary brand bringing together artists and designers.


“This cult international brand wants to make its idea travel. We love the raw, stylish threads and quality knitwear. Plus the fact they plan to collaborate with local artists.”

Winner: Knickerbocker by Andrew Livingston


Andrew Livingston is a 23-year-old former competitive snowboarder for Billabong. He launched his menswear brand, Knickerbocker, after taking over a small batch factory in Brooklyn. Now, they support a movement towards ethical supply chain solutions around the world. They have been sourcing raw materials and machinery for years, asking customers to “purchase with a purpose.”

The store will highlight the products and inspirations behind the brand. The space will bring talented individuals together in one place, from illustrators to surfboard shapers. Inspired by New York's industrial style, it will be as inviting as possible with an open layout, warm tones and quality merchandise. Keeping design to a minimum, the focus will be the event series, inviting people to fill the store.

Judges Feedback
Regis Pennel, founder of L’Exception: “A great approach to the product, full control of raw material and production. They’re a promising brand that I would love to sell.”

The London Shortlist


Adaptogen based formulas with therapeutic benefits, developed by Domingo Rodriguez.


“Adaptogens are going to be a big beauty trend for 2019. Domingo’s story and brand will put him at the forefront.”

Liam Hodges

British urban menswear with a focus on upcycling.


“Liam Hodges is just gathering momentum and this store could be the turning point for the brand. We love the fact that the concept focuses on creating an immersive environment and uncovering the design process.”

Grain & Knot

Individually handcrafted wooden homewares from reclaimed timber.


“Beautifully handcrafted products, each with their own unique identity. She has a strong online presence – it’s time we saw more of her in the real world.”

Sophia Lerner

A Peruvian designer, reinventing modern silhouettes.


“This emerging designer is reinventing a classic fabric. Her denim structures are beautiful to look at.”

Mean Mail

Design-led stationery, saying the things often left unsaid.


“A concept that stimulates important conversations that will attract and unite forward-thinking and open-minded people.”

Winner: Grain & Knot by Sophie Sellu


A graduate of the Manchester School of Art, Sophie Sellu was inspired by a spoon carving and bushcraft workshop she attended. She went on to launch Grain & Knot in 2013. She’s now based in South East London, where she handcrafts wooden goods from her home studio, creating tactile, fully functional wooden kitchenware from reclaimed timber.

Working studios and workshops can be intimidating but Grain & Knot’s space will break down the boundaries, allowing everyone to get involved. There will be an ‘impact wall,’ above smaller displays and plinths. An area will be set aside where Sophie can work and a table will be dedicated to teaching classes.

Judges Feedback
Jeff Raider, co-founder of Harry’s: “Experiential retail environments are really intriguing to us. We are excited by the idea that you can shop and make your own wooden wares while enjoying the experience of being in an active woodshop.”

The Paris Shortlist

Donia Allegue

Luxury turbans and headpieces.


“A modern twist on a traditional headpiece. We love her distinctive styles, which have been worn many times by Beyonce.”

My Holy

An eco-conscious feminine hygiene brand, breaking taboos.


“Period shy? Well, let’s shake things up. Organic tampons with very strong, confrontational imagery to break down barriers. Very millennial, with good intent.”

Ateliers Coutume

Artisanal goods made by hand using ancestral techniques.


“We love that she wanted to carry on the stories of the artisans she met on her travels.”

Leroy Republique

A family-centric skatewear brand for children and adults.


“A family brand with a great design and playfulness which translates very well in their products. We like that it aims to teach the next generation about the values of skate.”

Cool Machine

An Art Deco inspired platform dedicated to emerging artists and designers.


“Cool founders with an eye for beautiful design and very strong visual references. The store would look colourful and conceptual.”

Winner: My Holy by Fiona Picot


An eco-conscious feminine hygiene brand, My Holy produce organic tampons with no chemicals or toxins. Fiona Picot is leading the revolution with her partner Gabriel, who created the brand to be authentic, modern and meaningful. The brand will soon add new cup and underwear products to their roster.

A fun, tongue-in-cheek concept store with a red and pink colour scheme (obviously). The experience will start with a ’vulva’ door, which will welcome people into the pop-up, then a ‘vagina’ corridor will lead to shop products. The ‘uterus’ room will be a furnished, cosy area where events will be held, including talks about periods, sexuality and health.

Judges feedback
Stefan Holwe, co-founder Horizn Studios: “Eco-conscious and focused on women’s health (especially as it tackles traditionally taboo topics such as menstruation). Plus, it’s playful, fun, bold: a safe place to talk about sexuality & health”

The L.A. Shortlist


A Marrakech-based gallery and store focusing on the diversity of handmade products.


“Amazing studio in Marrakesh and genius artistry. We think this could become an amazing concept store.”

Hand & Rose

Two flower power creatives selling custom accessories, art objects and zines from a mobile flower truck.


“A juxtaposition to the normal florist. Cool, edgy and street. They’ve created something we want to be a fan of.”

MDM Flow

Beauty products for women of all colours.


“Florence is an inspiring young talent who started creating original lipsticks in bold colours out of her garden shed. She’s got the drive and attitude to scale this business.”

Winner: Hand & Rose by Awol Erizku and Sarah Lineberger


Founded by artist Awol Erizku and floral designer Sarah Lineberger, HAND & ROSE is a full-service mobile flower truck selling arrangements, bunches, custom accessories, art objects and zines by LA-based artists. In 2012, Sarah opened up her own shop in Brooklyn with the name Chrysanthemum and then, most notably, she was chosen to be the floral designer for Beyonce’s pregnancy photo shoot. Both Sarah and Awol are now based in LA, where they work from their studio.

Hand & Rose will use this opportunity to expand their stock by creating classes and a series of new merchandise. The brick-n-mortar pop-up would be fitted with fresh contemporary designs, unique vessels and oversized installations. The space would represent a more immersive version of the staple HAND & ROSE yellow truck, scaling flowers and plants to the ceiling. The location would be covered in yellow and white brand colours, alongside a neon H&R sign, incorporating original works by co-founder and multi-disciplinary artist Awol Erizku and classes for all to attend.

Judges Feedback
Dylan Jones, Editor, GQ: “Two exceptional creatives that could deliver a blow out installation, with the ability to elevate floristry as we know it."

The Appear Here Team Choice

We also gave our team the chance to vote for one idea they’d love to help make happen. This year it’s Londoner, Liam Hodges, who caught our team’s eye. Here’s the story behind the idea.

Liam Hodges


British menswear designer Liam Hodges bases his brand on ‘an expressive, polysyllabic masculinity.’ His hard wearing workwear and sportswear draw influences from modern male subcultures, English paganism, Hip-Hop skatewear, UK streetwear and Post-Punk. His designs have been worn by the likes of Drake, P.Diddy, FKA Twigs, Danny Brown and Big Sean. The idea for the store focuses on the concept of upcycling production waste. The space will enable the creation of new products, predominantly using excess fabric and archive garments, reflecting the Liam Hodges ‘DIY approach.’ Sight, sound and touch will create an immersive, sensory environment, using a multitude of different media, including painting, sculpture, moving image, photography and fashion.