Appear Here's fundraise to help launch more ideas

26 Nov 2014

Today we announced our latest funding of $7.5 million. We’re excited for this next chapter and proving that short-term can be a long-term strategy for retail.

All great ideas start somewhere. Ours sparked from a little shop for the Queen.

Every idea starts inside your head, but inside is only so big. To make an idea happen you need space for it to grow and see the world. Appear Here is about giving entrepreneurs and brands access to amazing space, anywhere.

Our new round led by Balderton Capital - who’ve already believed in exciting companies such as Lovefilm, Citymapper, Yoox and Lyst - will help us take Appear Here to new destinations, building a world-class service.

For too long we’ve been frustrated by high streets and shopping centres being filled with formulaic retail, while great spaces sit empty and hoarded up. We discovered at the root of this problem a simple fact; booking space is a pain in the a***. Landlords are hard to find and negotiations are long and tedious. Legal help is expensive and the whole process can take months to complete.

Appear Here was launched to make it easy for people with exciting ideas to rent space – allowing them to book space anywhere, as easily as booking a hotel room.

Over the coming months we’ll be making some exciting announcements- including new product features, a few very special projects and perhaps, most excitingly, our first international cities.

Oh, and we’ll need a world-class team to help make this happen…

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