London’s first pop-up egg freezing shop

26 Feb 2016


A fictional beauty brand called Timeless is using a pop-up shop to raise public awareness and debate on egg freezing and the future. Appearing in Old Street Station, the store aims to engage women with the issue of fertility and explore how social egg freezing may impact the world of work, relationships and wider society in the future.

Combining provocative questions alongside lighter touches, inside the shop visitors will discover a range of fictional beauty products such as a bespoke perfume line called ‘Eau so Pressured’, and a spoof range of age defying serums that inform about fertility decline. There will also be series of events and talks in store to engage women further, including experts in reproductive medicine and women with first hand experience of egg freezing.


The project is a partnership between the UK creative consultancy The Liminal Space, The London School of Economics and The Welcome Trust. Recognising that there was a lack of information and debate about egg freezing in the public domain, The Liminal Space created Timeless to address this gap.

Sarah Douglas and Amanda Gore, Directors at The Liminal Space, explain more, “Social egg freezing is a relatively new offer but one that could soon become as revolutionary to women’s life choices as the Pill. With companies such as Apple and Facebook including it as part of benefits packages, there is increasing pressure on women to consider freezing their eggs without fully considering the potential impact on the workplace, their relationships and wider society. With Timeless we are bringing this debate to people in a creative and engaging way.”


By launching a pop-up in Old Street Station, which gives them an audience of thousands of commuters every day, The Liminal Space aims to make this challenging topic accessible to wider audience. With its light hearted tone and high profile spot, The Liminal Space hopes to break down the taboo that surrounds reproductive issues and encourage people to have informed conversations about an area of life that affects us all.

Freezing Time teaser from Timeless on Vimeo.

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