How to style your shop

15 Jun 2016

The Basics Store is an edit of everyday essentials, curated by Marina Guergova, founder of Marina London. We caught up with her in The Basics Store’s latest edition on Redchurch Street to find out her top tips for styling a shop.

Marina London

Make your displays tactile

I like it when the table display is tactile and invites people in. Having products such as perfume bottles in easy reach is a great way of doing this. Where possible you should always try to introduce different heights to your display, so you can catch people’s eyes from different points in the store. I especially love this perfume distiller from Avery, it adds a new dimension to a table.


Highlight products with different materials

I don’t like placing shoes directly onto the floor. Instead, I use wooden boards to make them stand out – it also makes them feel that bit more special!

Shoes by Frances

This also works on shelves and tables. If you’ve got several items from different brands on the same display, using boards made from different materials can help separate them out from each other. Clarice Price Thomas and Jessie Harris gave us these wooden displays to showcase their jewellery on – the two tones of wood go really well together.

Rings on black

Keep your windows clear

I like people to be able to look right into my store and see what’s going on inside. This is why I tend to keep my windows clear of lots of product. It also means the store is filled with natural light, which is when everything looks its best.

Shop Window

In order to draw people’s attention in off the street, I’ll have something suggestive happening out front. This summer we’re working with Petalon Flowers who are selling bouquets outside our store. But even something a simple as a bench for people to sit on can be effective.

Petalon Flowers

Something for everyone

When I’m choosing the brands, I try to make sure I have a range of price points to suit every shopper. I tend to keep the affordable items such as books and cards near the till. People like to pick up a little extra something for themselves while they're waiting to pay.

Cards on counter

Our most expensive item is the bronze bike by Kennedy City Bicycles, which we have hung on the wall. It fits perfectly with the copper piping we’ve used for the rails.

Kennedy City Bike

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