Appear Here: The Story So Far.

21 Nov 2013

A year ago, we set out to change the way people rented space. A year later, we’re getting closer to reaching that goal!

Appear Here was launched with a simple aim; to make renting a shop as easy as booking a hotel room.

Our online marketplace connects landlords vacant spaces to brands and retailers. It’s a place where anyone can discover space, rent it just for a moment and launch their idea.

Since launching in 2013, we’ve grown - space by space, street by street, city by city. Today we list over 250 spaces, in cities nationwide and are excited to see 1000’s of people signing up to use the service.

From London to Edinburgh, Liverpool to Bristol, Appear Here is constantly expanding its network, giving brands and retailers access to new audiences and areas across the country.

What’s the grand vision? We want to build a global network of spaces so people can make their ideas travel from city to city and around the world.

Today’s funding announcement is exciting news for all our community. It allows us to reach further, build on our software, and essentially make it even easier for our users to launch a shop.

We’d like to take this moment to say a big THANK YOU to our community and everyone who has supported us along the way.

The early adopters, our landlords, brands, and anyone who had an idea and used Appear Here to make it happen.

People like George Gigney from who used us to find a space in Camden Lock Market and launch his own streetwear brand, Wreck London, now worn by X Factor’s Rough Copy and England footballer - Wilfred Zaha.

Or Jack and the team from Give Truly who went online to offline with their experience-led shop in The Brunswick centre, who met over 1500 customers face-to-face and discovered what a truly unique experience meant to them.

And finally barking mad ideas like Mark and Piper who appeared in our Frith Street space, ending years of Frappuccino envy by giving the canine population a cafe to call their own…

We believe every shop tells a different story and we can’t wait to see more appearing on our streets.

So on that note… watch this space!