Masters of Adaptation

Masters of Adaptation

27 October 2020

How can we make cities, streets and stores more adaptable to change?

Throughout history we’ve seen pandemics give birth to a period of radical creativity: from the Black Death and the Renaissance to the Spanish flu and the Roaring Twenties.

However, history has also shown us that while some cities have boomed following a crisis, others never recovered. We have an opportunity now to reimagine a better future for our cities.

Join us as we bring together a distinct set of voices from retail and real estate to explore how we can make our cities, streets and stores more dynamic and adaptable to change.

The conversation will explore

  • The temporary and permanent shifts impacting our cities
  • What can be done to respond faster to changing consumer needs
  • Making our cities and our high streets more resilient to change
  • How to encourage more entrepreneurship on our streets
  • Embracing creativity in retail


  • Martyn Evans, Creative Director, U+I
  • Bronnie Edwards, Senior Retail Leasing Manager, Grosvenor
  • Luca Calcamuccio, Global Director of Retail Experience, Charlotte Tilbury


Tuesday, October 27th, 5.30pm


27 October 2020