Underground Sessions | Brite Space London

Underground Sessions | Brite Space London

17 October 2014

An Underground Session in partnership with Eventbrite for Britespace London

This event has been and gone. See what went down...

Britespace London

In partnership with Eventbrite, Appear Here hosted a breakfast session on “Making Ideas Happen in the Underground." Past and present Old Street tenants were invited along to take part in the panel. The line up included Alex Hely Hutchinson, Founder of 26 Grains, Sophie Miranda, Co-Founder of Batch Ldn, Parveen Dhanda, Co Founder of Stubble and Strife and Katie Mcphee, Marketing Manager at Eventbrite.

Here’s some key pieces of advice they had to share:

Alex Hely Hutchinson, 26 Grains: “A shop should appeal to all 5 senses, we noticed a big increase in sales when we started playing music at our stall every morning, Will Smith in particular seemed to work.”

Sophie Miranda, Batch Ldn: “Trust your customer and they will trust you - when our till system broke, we gave our customers the option of taking the food and paying us later. We found most of them returned, paid us back - now they are our regulars!”

Parveen Dhanda, Stubble and Strife: “You don’t really know your customers until you meet them face-to-face. We found a whole new customer group when we launched our Stubble & Stife stall. We realised people weren’t just buying our grooming products from necessity they were buying them for sentimental and nostalgic reasons too.”

Katie Mcphee, Eventbrite: “Plan in advance, and make sure you start promoting your pop up weeks before you appear, that way you’ll guarantee you have a room full of people when you do.”

Ross Bailey, Appear Here: “Give people a good story to talk about and a reason to share it - storytelling is key to being a successful brand today. You want your shop to leave people with memories they’ll treasure long after it disappears.”


17 October 2014