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Old Miami lives on in its most laid-back neighborhood

Coconut Grove, Miami’s oldest residential neighborhood, is known for its “old Florida” style, characterized by an abundance of vibrant subtropical vegetation intertwined with limestone hardscapes. These elements give the neighborhood a welcoming earthy scent, particularly after one of Florida’s characteristic rains.

The heart of “The Grove” is a pedestrian paradise. The narrow streets are lined with cafés, coffee shops, galleries, boutiques and beauty salons featuring local, national and international brands alike. The neighborhood is also known for its waterfront parks that are popular for boating, sailing and other forms of water and land-based recreation.

An eclectic mix of Miami residents, from young families to more seasoned natives, move to or visit Coconut Grove when they want to slow-down and disconnect from the fast pace of Miami’s other neighborhoods. The Grove is particularly popular on the weekends when a crowd comprised of locals and tourists in maxi dresses and shorts flocks to downtown for brunch, shopping, and fresh air. Despite all of the activity, its tropical jungle-like setting and long-standing history as a free-spirited community make Coconut Grove Miami’s most laid-back neighborhood.

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