E 9th Street - Narrow Retail Space

NY, New York

450 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Crisp white, long and narrow – this space is as unique as its neighborhood, the East Village. A classic New York space, it sits right on Tompkins Square Park and is next to a gallery and vintage furniture boutique. For the adventurous artist or retail startup, it's perfect for showcasing. High ceilings, a 15" window and LED track lighting brighten the space, making it feel larger than it is. A small backroom is available on request, and a projector faces the entrance, with a portable screen for showings. There is little foot traffic in this part of the neighborhood, so attraction and a unique draw is key. The nearest subway is seven blocks away, however city buses run through the neighborhood (which is mainly residential). A quiet block is hard to find in New York, but this space makes the best of the surrounding, laid-back ambiance with a minimalist approach.

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Home truths
This space ins't in a super high footfall spot, so be sure to PR your pop-up so customers know where to find you.

Space rules
The backyard is not available for use. Please respect the neighbours and be aware of night time noise levels and visitors on the sidewalk outside. Tenants must patch and paint the walls on leaving. TBG RULES No usage of the back yard. No music after 9pm Doors locked by 11pm at latest & opened no earlier than 9.30am. Preferred times 10am-7pm $100 paint & patch fee $80 cleaning fee PAYABLE AFTER EVENT unless arranged to be done by guest. WIFI Total street level, glass door & window. White walls 6 podiums Natural light. Spotlights (LED) ((dimmer switch) fire extinguisher Space is 8 ft wide x 60 ft long 10 ft ceilings Projetor 40in monitor + media player Left wall 34 feet to 4ft wall behind wall 14ft office/av room Right wall 46 feet in 3 sections. Window 3ft BRICK wall, 13.4ft MAIN Wall, 29ft rear wall Ceiling 9 ft high & doorway 9ft high Floor 8 ft wide

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